Easyfresh Brazil Ltda operation is established

Four years ago, Wilson, Sons joined refrigerated logistics supplier Easyfresh. Always supportive of reefer logistics developments, the company began to gain market share and respect within the Brazilian fresh produce industry.
The growth of Easyfresh in Brazil did not happen in one day. From a difficult beginning, however, the firm managed to gradually achieve higher standards and volumes. This has led to the creation of a new company: Easyfresh Brazil Ltda.
Patricia Muinos, who headed the Brazilian reefer logistics operations for Wilson, Sons, has become managing partner of the newly created enterprise, headquartered in Salvador. She will drive Easyfresh Brazil operations, promoting inbound and outbound reefer trade from Brazilian together with Easyfresh’s global network.
As agreed by the parties, Muinos replaces Wilson, Sons’ Christian von Lachmann on the Easyfresh board, becoming a new partner of Easyfresh.
This partnership means a step forward for Easyfresh’s consolidation in Brazil and South America. For more information, go to www.easyfresh-logistics.com.

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