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Feeding America food banks integrate AiroCide technology into facilities

KES Science & Technology Inc announced that more than 40 Feeding America food banks have now integrated the NASA-developed AiroCide food safety air sanitation technology into their facilities.
The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks provides more than 3.3 billion meals to virtually every community in the United States through food pantries and meal programs. As the largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America is leading the movement to solve hunger in the United States. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a vital source of nutrients for children and families, but are often too expensive for people struggling financially to afford.
AiroCide is helping to extend the life of fresh produce in food banks, even up to five more days. This gives food banks the opportunity to provide more safe and nutritious fruits and vegetables for those at risk of hunger.
“We recently purchased Airocide units for all our member food banks to help them prolong the life of donated and food rescue produce,” said Kathy Komoll, executive director of the New Mexico Association of Food Banks. “Since installing the units, we have heard from our ‘downstream’ agencies that they are having to spend less time culling produce deliveries and are seeing more produce going to clients. The units will allow us to continue our work of getting more fresh healthy food to hungry New Mexicans.”
“After implementing AiroCide, we have been able to keep more produce in our cooler and have noticed a greater length of shelf life and gain on our produce,” said Derick Fritchey, warehouse manager, Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, Harrisburg PA.
The AiroCide Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) system destroys airborne mold, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus helping to maximize shelf life and reduce food waste. This completely safe, low-operational-cost technology is easily retrofitted into existing facilities.
AiroCide is manufactured and distributed by Atlanta GA-based KES Science and Technology Inc. For more information, access or contact Jimmy Lee at 678-488-5847.

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