Food-safe label designed for use with SIMBA PTI labeling system

Dynamic Systems Inc, a provider of produce traceability systems, announces the availability of a food-safe label to be used with the SIMBA (Specialized Inventory Management with Barcode Accuracy) PTI labeling system.
The system formats the label to provide food processors the ability to conform to GS-1 standards and be PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative)-compliant. It is intended for growers, packers, shippers, distributors, canners, and cold storage.
Dynamic Systems has been providing bar code labeling for more than 30 years, and are label experts. It’s important to select the right materials for food labeling that adhere to FDA regulations, such as the food-safe label used when the adhesive will have casual contact with the fresh produce. Also offered with SIMBA are labels with cold (freezer) temperature adhesives. SIMBA provides full traceability and produces the labeling for pallets, cases, and bags, as well as bin tags.
A SIMBA label is designed with the required information and formatting needed for full PTI compliance. Dynamic Systems is committed to staying current with regulations required to meet the Produce Traceability Initiative.
The SIMBA system solves the problem of how to produce and track complete product and pallet labeling for fresh food on the packing floor. It is designed to provide PTI-compliant labels and report packing information from the production line while it traces the product from “field to customer.”
There are three modules including SIMBA Mobile, SIMBA Lite, and SIMBA Enterprise. Users have the option of starting with a simple labeling system, and as their business grows and needs change, the capability of moving up to the next system is provided.
Access or phone 800-342-3999 ext 208 for complete details.

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