Front Door Farms expands fresh produce service area

Front Door Farms expands fresh produce service area

Building on the success of its Northern California pilot program, Front Door Farms has expanded its service area to include Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Now customers in metropolitan, suburban, and rural communities throughout the western United States can enjoy unprecedented access to farm fresh produce with the convenience of home delivery.
In addition to the new service areas, the Front Door Farms storefront now includes certified organic fruit and vegetable options. Customers can choose from a variety of responsibly grown fresh produce that meets their personal preferences, budgets, and tastes.
“Front Door Farms is changing the way people access fresh food,” said Brian Modena, president of the company. “We’re committed to ensuring every household and business has easy access to responsibly grown farm-fresh produce. By delivering fresh produce straight from the growers, we provide a longer shelf life for our customers, resulting in better value with less food waste.”
The company delivers produce that is up to 50% fresher than traditional grocery stores by working directly with producers and using active cold chain management technologies. This revolution in fresh produce delivery offers customers an extra seven to 10 days to use the produce at home.
Front Door Farms offers a flexible, mobile friendly online shopping experience where consumers can shop from an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, including specially crafted theme boxes, bulk boxes, and healthy office snacking.
Recently unveiled was a new subscription ordering option as part of the company’s service. Customers can now set up customizable subscription orders by selecting products they’d like to receive and choosing their delivery schedule.
In order to minimize environmental impact, Front Door Farms works with existing residential and commercial delivery services. These services allow for fast and reliable delivery of product direct to customers. Each order is carefully hand-selected, packed, and prepared for delivery.
There are no expensive membership fees or commitments. First-time customers can receive 20% off their first purchase by using the discount code “FirstTimeFresh”—more information can be found at or on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pages.
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