FSMA procedures baffling? United Fresh simplifies them

FSMA procedures baffling? United Fresh simplifies them

The Food Safety Modernization Act’s implementation has raised a host of questions and concerns for shippers and carriers, as well as warehouse operators, foodservice companies and their suppliers. Concerns include compliance procedures, timeline of different sections of the overall regulation, legal requirements, and penalties for non-compliance.

FSMA’s Sanitary Transportation section, in particular, has affected parties asking these questions: Does the rule require trucks to be cleaned after every haul? Must carriers prove that cleaning occurred? Must produce be shipped in refrigerated trucks?

The United Fresh Produce Association has a frequently asked questions resource found at www.unitedfresh.org designed to clarify the complex blueprint this rule has created. This resource contains links to the US Food and Drug Administration’s information sources and a link to submit questions directly to the FSMA Technical Assistance Network. It also includes a set of FAQs for FSMA-related topics.

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