Locus Traxx Worldwide establishes partnership with Paramount Citrus

Locus Traxx Worldwide has announced its partnership with Paramount Citrus, a leading fresh citrus grower in the western United States. This integration will boost efficiency, visibility, and live load temperature and location tracking into Paramount’s TMS solution.
David Benjamin, president and chief executive officer of Locus Traxx Worldwide, said, “We are excited to join forces with Paramount Citrus, one of the leading companies in the produce industry. This company grows, packs, and then ships their own product; it is imperative for them to track and monitor their precious cargo. They are unique because they are able to see their product from its infancy all the way to the shelves in a supermarket. Locus Traxx Worldwide is happy to assist them in helping them achieve ultimate product quality by integrating with their TMS system.”
Jeff Cottingham, director of transportation at Paramount Citrus, said, “Paramount Citrus is excited to announce that the SmartTraxx GO of Locus Traxx Worldwide will be used with all of our direct-delivery carriers. As the only citrus grower, packer, and shipper utilizing this solution, it reinforces our commitment to food safety by tracking the location and temperature of our direct-delivery trucks, and also ensures that the freshest citrus arrives at your door.”
Locus Traxx provides real-time temperature, location, and security monitoring for perishable and high-value shipments in transit. Using its Oversight system and the versatile SmartTraxx system, Locus Traxx can give customers access to critical data, at any time, and from any location. For more information, go to
Access to learn more about Paramount Citrus.

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