MCI’s ingenuity qualifies firm as finalist for two awards

MCI’s ingenuity qualifies firm as finalist for two awards

An advanced insulation foam and ingenious ways to transport fresh food have helped make Maersk Container Industry a finalist in two competition categories—corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovation—at this year’s Containerization International Awards.
An international transport publication, Containerization International is holding its annual award competition October 24, 2013, in London, England. The event will recognize companies that help make container production, shipping, and terminals safer, greener, and more secure.
“It’s an honor for MCI’s research and development teams to be finalists for two prizes when we know how many good projects and companies are participating,” said Casper Jacobsen, sustainability coordinator at MCI.
MCI competes for the “Technological Innovation of the Year” prize in recognition of its automatic ventilation, AV+, which saves energy by controlling fresh air ventilation inside refrigerated containers. An affiliated technology, controlled atmosphere (CA), keeps track of how fruits and vegetables ripen and respire inside a container during transport. CA improves storage life and extends shipment time of bananas from 20 to 45 days. Over the past four years, this has enabled banana producers to open up new markets.
MCI has also been selected as finalist for the CSR prize. The firm works with the United Nation’s Save Food initiative to prevent global food waste. Its insulation foam, SuPoTec, has been applauded by the World Wildlife Fund for being ahead of European Union legislation aimed at protecting the Earth’s climate and ozone layer.
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