RedLine partners with Roambee Corp to provide produce shipment tracking

RedLine Solutions, the provider of inventory and traceability solutions, and Roambee Corporation, supplier of tracking services, announced a partnership to provide real-time tracking and monitoring solutions of produce shipments.
Roambee chose RedLine to offer customers in fresh produce full in-transit visibility and condition monitoring for shipments of perishable goods. RedLine already offers a line of products and services to enable produce traceability and inventory management.
“RedLine chose Roambee because it is the most flexible, innovative, real-time shipment tracking solution out there. Combined with our complete traceability solutions, RedLine now can offer improved tracking.” said Todd Baggett, chief executive officer of RedLine.
Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Roambee, said, “Fresh produce companies have large activity swings based on the seasonality of their products. We feel that Roambee’s pay-as-you-go service is uniquely positioned to provide real-time monitoring to produce companies in a cost-effective manner. With zero investment in hardware, our clients only pay for tracking when they actually track something.”
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Founded in Santa Clara CA in February 2013, Roambee has a service portfolio concentrated on shipment tracking services without expensive device ownership or ongoing monthly subscriptions. Access for further details.

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