South American blueberry season thrives with TAE

South American blueberry season thrives with TAE

Purfresh Inc, the provider of intelligent perishable supply chain management and control, has announced the success of the blueberry season in South America.
Utilizing Purfresh’s Total Active Environment (TAE) technology, growers and shippers were able to reduce decay and control the presence of mold in blueberries shipped via ocean transit.
Blueberries are susceptible to decay. TAE uses a balanced atmosphere of carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), and ozone to oxidize ethylene, reduce respiration, and control mold. TAE’s temperature monitoring and control deter against temperature fluctuations that can accelerate mold and decay. The result is more marketable, quality fruit.
“Our blueberry shipments with Purfresh Total Active Environment have been an excellent model of success,” said Juan Pablo Hube, director of Bluewave. “The results of the fruit quality have been positive, with excellent taste and texture upon arrival. Quality is most important to our partners Giumarra and ASF Holland, and they are very pleased with the better product they have received with Purfresh and can pass onto their clients. We are enthusiastic about working with Purfresh and recommend them for anyone looking to improve their perishable supply chain.”
“Exporters of perishables in South America are seeking solutions to help mitigate risk of decay and spoilage while transporting high-value commodities by ocean. Purfresh TAE offers our partners the best technology for their perishable commodities,” said Patricia Castaneda, director–sales, South America.
Purfresh worked with ocean carrier partners HSUD, Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, and NYK Cool to deliver the highest-quality blueberries from South America.
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