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Usage of RPCs ranks high as Military Produce Group goal

Usage of RPCs ranks high as Military Produce Group goal

The Military Produce Group (MPG) is showing its commitment to the environment by using reusable plastic containers (RPCs) from IFCO Systems for the shipment of fresh produce to dozens of commissaries.
This produce group, which supplies fruits and vegetables to commissaries in the southern United States, is moving to RPCs from corrugated boxes for several commodities. This move furthers the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) sustainability program.
Initial rollout of RPCs covers about 32 increasing to 71 DeCA locations served from Military Produce Group distribution centers in Norfolk VA, Birmingham AL, and Savannah GA.
“The Defense Commissary Agency is committed to an environmentally sustainable operation and applauds MPG’s use of reusable containers to limit the amount of waste heading to landfills and reduce product damage,” said Bridget Bennett, supervisory category manager (produce) at DeCA.
MPG works with grower/shippers including Village Farms, Seald Sweet, Bolthouse Farms, and Tanimura & Antle to ensure military families get the freshest produce delivered to their local commissary at the peak of ripeness.
“The Military Produce Group works diligently to provide healthy food to the commissaries we serve and to do it in a way that keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum. RPCs from IFCO are helping us be more sustainable while improving the efficiency of our operations,” said Al Oliver, director of sales and marketing at MPG.
With more than 180 million RPCs in circulation, IFCO is the leading provider of reusable containers to the fresh food sector worldwide. It handles all RPC logistics, from distributions to cleaning to re-entry into the supply chain. After retail use, these RPCs are folded, collected, and shipped back to one of IFCO’s service facilities, where they are sanitized and prepared for re-use.
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