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Click here to open the 2019 LTL Routing Guide PDF

Locate refrigerated LTL providers! To make finding information on these service providers even easier, the advertisements, website URLs, and e-mail addressess in the PDF above are all interactive links that will take you directly to a company's website or begin an e-mail to send to that company's contact.

REFRIGERATED TRANSPORTER’S Annual Refrigerated LTL Routing Guide (PDF) has been developed as a resource for those who ship less-than-truckload refrigerated shipments within the US, Canada, and Mexico. This guide is composed of three sections: origins, destinations, and the alphabetical list of carriers.

How to use this guide:  Those looking for temperature-controlled freight carriers should first refer to the list of 'originating' states to narrow down the list of LTL carriers offering service from that region. Then, compare that group to the list of carriers in the chosen 'destination' state. Finally, turn to the pages with the 'Alphabetical List of Companies' to gather contact information and compare other services offered by each refrigerated LTL carrier. Many listings include additional information on schedules, commodities handled, and refrigerated warehouse space locations and square-footage.

Carriers who begin offering LTL service, or those who missed being listed in this Annual Refrigerated LTL Routing Guide should contact Refrigerated Transporter at [email protected] in order to be added to the contact list for the annual update. In the meantime, we will publish news items announcing new or expanded refrigerated LTL service. Contact Jason McDaniel [email protected]