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Carrier Transicold PrimeLINE container refrigeration unit
Carrier Transicold will offer a PrimeLINE unit with a provision to use R-513A refrigerant.

Carrier Transicold provides R-513A refrigerant option on PrimeLINE units

Carrier Transicold is offering a provision to use R-513A refrigerant with its PrimeLINE container unit for customers seeking a refrigerant with lower global warming potential (GWP), or as a hedge against potential regulatory changes that may affect availability and prices of traditional hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants.

“Phasedowns of traditional HFC refrigerants due to their higher GWP have raised concerns about their future availability and pricing, and some of our customers have indicated an interest in using R-513A as an alternative,” said Willy Yeo, director of marketing, global container refrigeration, Carrier Transicold.

R-513A, a new synthetic blend of the hydrofluoroolefin R-1234yf and R-134a, has a GWP of 631, which is significantly lower than those of HFC refrigerants conventionally used in container refrigeration systems.

For those acquiring new PrimeLINE refrigeration units, Carrier Transicold is providing a “513A-ready” provision. It features a new digital scroll compressor designed for use with R-513A, as well as traditional R-134a. The units will be sold with R-134a, enabling users to switch to R-513A at a time of their own choosing. Conversions require a simple kit that includes a software update and replacement filter dryer.

“Fleets that want to use a more sustainable refrigerant and also want to hedge against price and availability issues associated with synthetic refrigerants should first consider Carrier Transicold’s natural-refrigerant NaturaLINE unit,” Yeo said. “The NaturaLINE unit offers efficiency, quiet operation, tight temperature control, a deep frozen capability that goes to –40 degrees Celsius, and uses carbon dioxide, an ultra-low GWP refrigerant.”

The NaturaLINE unit’s combination of efficiency and use of an ultra-low-GWP refrigerant reduces carbon emissions by 28% compared with earlier models.

With a GWP of 1, CO2 refrigerant takes refrigerated container users to an end-state, bypassing the need for intermediate solutions such as R-513A, which will be subject to phase outs within the 15-year lifespan of units purchased today.

Availability of the 513A-ready PrimeLINE unit is anticipated in the first quarter of 2018. Conversion kits will be available beginning later in the year.

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