Centinel, N-Series Chillers shown at IIAR event

Century Refrigeration, a division of RAE Corporation, showcased its Centinel Intelligent Defrost Control System and N-Series Chillers at the recent International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) 2016 annual conference.

The Centinel Intelligent Defrost Control System improves refrigeration systems’ energy efficiency, eliminates icing and fogging, and reduces operating costs. It consists of a microprocessor-driven controller, four temperature sensors, and a suction transducer. The microprocessor, paired with advanced, sensitive temperature sensors, controls the system with precision and accuracy superior to mechanical controls.

Use of energy is reduced by the Centinel system through precisely controlling superheat and fans, reducing compressor run time, and implementing demand defrosts. It uses a self-learning algorithm that allows it to automatically adjust to changing system conditions, making it customized to each individual evaporator. This defrost control system was designed for a rapid ROI and long service life.

The N-Series Chiller provides all the advantages of a Century Comdustrial design in a complete, factory-run-tested chiller package engineered for durability and serviceability. With a variety of options and accessories, Century’s engineering experts can design and build N-Series Chiller units to meet requirements of a range of chilling applications with no need for modification in the field.

This product is constructed from quality components for the greatest possible durability. The N-Series Chiller features accessible components and appropriate fin spacing to allow for easy maintenance, and it is designed to be serviceable with a minimal number of OEM components.

For more information, see www.RAECorp.com.

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