Deadline for TRUs, TRU gen-set orders nears

Deadline for TRUs, TRU gen-set orders nears

Order compliance technology now for your 2008 transport refrigeration units (TRUs) and TRU generator sets to beat the purchase order deadlines and avoid penalties due to long lead times and backorders.

New replacement TRUs and TRU gen-sets should be ordered by August 31, 2015, to meet December 31, 2015, deadline for model year 2008 engines/units. If you plan to replace a trailer, you may be too late due to backlogs at refrigerated trailer manufacturers.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recommends that TRU and TRU gen-set owners take action to plan and order compliance options to ensure TRU model year 2008 engines (or units manufactured in 2008) comply with in-use performance standards by the end of 2015.

Replacement engines may no longer be a compliance option because replacement engines must be cleaner than the old engine being replaced, and there is no replacement engine that fits and functions that is cleaner than a model year 2008 engine. For further details, see TRU Advisory 13-18, page 7 at

The TRU regulation allows compliance extensions if delivery or installation is delayed. To qualify for extensions, though, the unit must be registered in ARB’s Equipment Registration (ARBER) system. Purchase orders must be placed early enough to take into account large order backlogs, delivery, installation, holiday, and year-end compacted schedules.

Purchase order deadlines are:

•For engine replacements and unit replacements—By the end of August, four months ahead of the compliance deadline.

•For verified diesel particulate filter (DPF) retrofits—By the end of October, two months ahead of the compliance deadline.

Owners must exercise due diligence in attempting to comply by the end of 2015. For example, starting research, budgeting, and financing well in advance of the deadline, and purchase compliance technology before the purchase order deadline. The compliance extension application (with attached supporting documentation that demonstrates due diligence) must be received at CARB by Dec 31, 2015.

All model year 2007 and older engines (or units manufactured in 2007 or earlier) should be in compliance now. Trailer manufacture year and in-service dates are not used to determine compliance dates. Non-compliant model year 2007 and older TRU/TRU gen-set engines/units must not be operated in California unless brought into compliance immediately.

For general information about the TRU regulation, access the website at

To receive answers to questions about in-use performance standard compliance, registration in ARBER, or in-use compliance extensions, call 1-888-878-2826 or 1-916-327-8737.

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