DeltaTrak provides diverse product line

DeltaTrak Inc is an innovator of cold chain management, food safety, and shelf-life solutions. The company develops and manufactures portable test instruments and products designed with a focus on quality assurance and traceability. Its product line includes:

•Chart recorders—DeltaTrak’s in-transit, digital and circular chart recorders offer reliable, accurate monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity conditions in transport or storage.

•Data loggers—DeltaTrak’s data loggers accurately monitor products during transport or storage, and its in-transit loggers’ Shadow Log feature guarantees trip temperature data even if the operator fails to start the logger.

•Digital thermometers—Digital thermometers and hygrometers are easy-to-use tools that help monitor sensitive commodities throughout the cold chain from farm to fork, or manufacturer to end user.

•Wireless monitoring—Wireless monitoring systems from DeltaTrak offer real-time monitoring, recording and alarm solutions for continuous monitoring and complete management of system-wide environments.

•Food safety tools—DeltaTrak’s specialized food safety tools include sanitization, temperature monitoring and testing products such as alcohol wipes, probe thermometers and chlorine test papers.

Access DeltaTrak at or by phone at 1-800-962-6776 for more information.

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