Isotrak addresses Georgia food safety rules

Isotrak Inc, a provider of fleet management software and fleet telematics systems, has introduced its advanced temperature management solution designed to comply with and exceed new Georgia food safety laws.

Now in effect, the Georgia food safety rule, states, in part, that refrigerated or frozen foods must remain at a certain temperature throughout the duration of transit all the way through to delivery. Isotrak’s solution monitors and manages varying temperature thresholds and safe temperature ranges for ambient, chilled, and frozen foods, which ensures food remains at a specified temperature throughout a journey.

According to Isotrak, 25% of the world’s top food retailers use its products across three continents. For this reason, the firm has honed in on developing a reliable, sophisticated temperature management solution not only for its food retail customers worldwide, but also to ensure customers are compliant with the new safety regulations in Georgia.

Isotrak helps ensure full compliance with the Georgia regulations through:

•Real-time, continuous temperature monitoring throughout transit

•Addressing unique safety profiles by monitoring and managing varying temperature thresholds and safe temperature ranges for ambient, chilled and frozen foods

•Visualization through dashboards and graphs showing time and temperature measures

•Alerting and reporting on temperature variances based on customer set thresholds

•Ability to notify driver and back office immediately if temperature issues occur

•Real-time and historical trailer temperature and trailer alarm reports for audit and reporting purposes, all accessible electronically

•Integration with various trailer and manufacturer software and hardware for flexibility

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