Klinge Corp upgrades dual reefer tank container unit

Klinge Corp upgrades dual reefer tank container unit

Klinge Corporation has upgraded its 1992 designed special dual refrigeration tank container unit, Model TCR-262, to meet customer demands for heightened protection of dangerous chemicals.

The TCR-262 is based on the same platform as the air-cooled dual refrigeration NMR-262 unit used for transport of such items as organic peroxides and self-reactive substances. Using a heat transfer fluid to cool liquid cargo in a tank container, the TCR-262 features two refrigeration systems with two independent microprocessor thermostats controllers that communicate with each other to provide 100% backup capabilities. An independent datalogger monitors cargo temperature and provides an additional alarm function.

Klinge’s TCR-262 provides the ultimate protection for liquids requiring temperature control. The thermostats raise visual, audible, and remote alarms if the required cargo parameters are not met.

“This is critical as some of our customers are using the TCR-262 to transport organic peroxides and other self-reactive substances, which can cause severe fire and explosion hazards if not kept at the required temperature,” said Allan Klinge, company vice-president.

“Our TCR-262 ensures safe transport of these types of dangerous goods with two refrigeration systems to ensure absolute security of hazardous liquids,” he said. “The fact that these systems are end-mounted on the tank container also means that the equipment can be serviced at all times during the voyage—even when stacked on the vessel. We have seen an increase in interest from the steamship lines in this type of equipment when dealing with dangerous goods.”

The company has seen an uptick in the need for this type of equipment to transport hazardous goods. The most recent project was completed with specialty tank manufacturer WEW Westerwälder Eisenwerk GmbH, a long-time Klinge partner in providing customized solutions.

The TCR-262 is also available with an integral diesel generator set for emergency backup when shore power is not available, or to provide power during truck or rail transport. This serves as an additional fail-safe for dangerous cargo in all modes of transport and storage.

For more information, see www.klingecorp.com.

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