Linde DRI PACK automated box chilling system speeds packing of meat, seafood

Meat, poultry, and seafood currently packed with water ice or dry ice in boxes can be chilled more safely and efficiently when using the DRI PACK automated box chilling system from Linde LLC that uses the chilling power of carbon dioxide (CO2) snow.
Designed and built to USDA requirements, the DRI PACK chilling system is ideal for meat packing plants as well as poultry and seafood operations, and is intended for use with new or existing packaging operations. The automated chilling system quickly fills boxes (up to about 24 inches wide) with CO2 snow as they travel along a conveyor.
Benefits of this system include:
•Automated system reduces labor costs
•Provides for more accurate and consistent use of CO2
•Gently distributes CO2 snow in open boxes or totes
•Adapts to most conveyor lines
With the DRI PACK system, extremely cold CO2 snow quickly chills the food product, locking in moisture and preserving freshness and quality. A controlled flow of CO2 snow is directed into containers or boxes at temperatures of –109.3 degrees F (–78.5 degrees C). Once in the container, the CO2 snow does not melt; rather, through the process of sublimation, the CO2 provides refrigeration to chill food—so there is never any liquid.
The automated box chilling system offers safety advantages over chilling with water ice or dry ice pellets. Handling bagged ice or constantly shoveling water ice or CO2 pellets can lead to motion injuries. In addition, using CO2 pellets in totes or other open containers in packing plants poses a hazard since CO2 is an odorless asphyxiant. The DRI PACK system eliminates storage and physical handling of ice, and the equipment includes a shroud around the chute to vent waste gases to the outside.
Packing fresh fish, shellfish or other foods with ice by hand is inherently slow and labor-intensive, and brings variable chilling results. Additionally, ice made from water can melt in transit, causing handling issues and less-than-desirable product quality.
DRI PACK is part of a range of CO2 snow generating equipment from Linde that also includes hooded snow generators, CO2 snow horns, and the ACCU-CHILL Combo Chiller.
Linde’s food team performs in-plant assessments to identify current cost-to-chill and works with processors to develop process solutions. Access or call 800-755-9277 to learn more, or see

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