Riskpulse, QPS establish partnership

Riskpulse and Q Products & Services (QPS) have joined forces to create a technology-led customer experience for temperature-sensitive shipments.

The partnership supports the complex needs of supply chain logistics by providing the global market with a new standard to quantify shipment risk. This data-driven approach provides shippers and carriers with a clear understanding of when and where to apply optimal passive thermal protection solutions.

Riskpulse provides its clients with a clear understanding of how weather impacts their transportation network. As sensitive products travel through the network, QPS helps ensure temperature integrity is maintained along the way. Together, the industry leaders will guide shippers and carriers into making proactive and informed decisions about their supply chain. QPS and Riskpulse clients are empowered to take charge of the weather and confidently balance quality, risk and cost on every shipment by giving them the ability to:

•Perform historical lane analysis to challenge assumptions and surface overspending on shipment insulation equipment and modes.

•Visualize risk-by-route up to 10 days in advance and reduce manual effort of interpreting weather conditions across specific origins, destinations, waypoints, arrivals and departure times.

•Act on missed savings opportunities by adapting to conditions and dynamically selecting the optimal protection based on cargo-specific tolerances.

•Qualify performance capabilities through real-world temperature studies to instill confidence in passive solutions.

QPS provides the US passive thermal protection market with its flagship, patented CargoQuilt and PalletQuilt products. Its European counterpart, TP3 Global, manufactures the Silverskin thermal cover and blanket brand. Available worldwide, these temperature protection products support all modes of transportation, including over the road, intermodal, air and ocean shipments.

For more information, go to www.riskpulse.com.

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