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Red Ruan tractor pulling blue Boreas trailer

Ruan experiences cool benefits in Boreas nitrogen system demo

Boreas Nitrogen Cooling System, a direct-inject nitrogen climate-controlled system for refrigerated transportation, has taken its technology on the road for demonstration. First stop in the journey: Ruan Transportation Management Systems.

Ruan is a dedicated contract transportation and supply chain provider of fleet management, logistics management and warehousing. The company and its client, a sustainable grocery company, are among the industry leaders in the adoption of green, sustainable practices and new technologies.

In summer 2017, Ruan, the client and Boreas teamed up in Austin TX to evaluate the Boreas system.

The Boreas trailer traveled on repeated routes from Austin to the Dallas metropolitan area, transporting grocery cargo set at 35 degrees Fahrenheit, with up to 4 stops per route. With outdoor temperatures reaching 96 degrees F, the three-day demonstration illustrated consistent temperature control within the entire trailer, along with significant fuel cost savings.

According to a Ruan team driver, “The system is so quiet you hardly hear it working. When entering the trailer to unload cargo, once safe, the temperature is as cold in the rear of the trailer as it is upfront.”

“Ruan is always looking for the best available technology to serve our customers,” said Brad Gehring, Ruan’s director, asset management. “The Boreas Nitrogen Cooling System offers state-of-the-art technology that many industries could benefit from.”

The Boreas nitrogen system emits zero pollutants during operation, providing significant environmental benefits. It is whisper-quiet, making it attractive to operations traveling in noise-restricted areas. The system uses nitrogen as its direct cooling source, creating performance benefits and cost savings. In addition, since there are few moving parts, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum throughout the life of operation.

“We have been working on this technology for quite some time and are excited to offer our system to the industry,” said Fred Norvell, managing member for Boreas. “Progressive customers such as Ruan will see our system exceeds their market needs and provides environmental sustainability—all while reducing costs.”

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact [email protected]

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