Slow Rise 120 excels at reefer trailer repair

Touch ‘n Seal, manufactured by Convenience Products, has introduced a new and improved formula of its slow-rise spray foam. The new 1.75 pcf low-pressure, two-component foam is perfect for repairing refrigerated trailers. Its improved gel time is 120 seconds.

Slow Rise 120 is intended for pour-in-place applications where the foam needs to completely fill cavities or spaces without creating voids. This closed-cell, medium-density polyurethane foam system passes the ASTM E84, Class I fire test. Slow Rise 120 is well-suited for repairing foam insulation in tanker trucks and refrigerated trailers where voids or cavities cannot be accessed with spray applied foam. Applicator nozzles have been designed to fit with flexible tubing for better control of the application.

This product is provided in 200- and 600-board-foot foam kits; 750-board-foot cylinders for the Constant Pressure Dispensing System; and 17-, 60-, and 120-pound refillable cylinders.

More information is available at

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