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123Loadboard adds document capturing, status updates

123Loadboard says it recently improved the synergy in its load board workflow by adding document scanning, capturing and storage to integrate the load booking and delivery process.

Relevant documents now can be attached to any corresponding load in the 123Loadboard app, according to the company. Carriers are able to aggregate load details quickly for any load and submit relevant electronic documents to 123Loadboard’s factoring partner, Thunder Funding, or their current one, at the start of the transaction process to accelerate the payment process.

“We are pleased that 123Loadboard now provides a more automated interface for the freight-matching process,” said Loarn Metzen, vice president at 123Loadboard. “This will result in a more seamless delivery flow for the driver, which will increase their profitability.

“123Loadboard has also integrated a new load status feature with the load details being an ideal entry point for drivers to begin visually controlling the delivery sequence by following the step-by-step guide and adding the appropriate documents at each phase of the freight transaction.”

Carriers can eliminate inefficiencies by following the linear load status display that tracks the progress of the freight movement from start to finish. A quick glance at the load status update will help users keep track of the load and corresponding documents. From the load search and booking, right through to the load on route and delivery, the load status display will keep the focus on the load at hand, 123Loadboard said.

The new enhancements for document capture and load status are intended to offer drivers a solution for managing the complexity in procuring, securing and delivering loads, while concurrently dealing with workflow and document management needs.

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