Aljex Event Manager allows brokers, dispatchers to resolve shipment issues

Aljex Software Inc has introduced Event Manager, a new communications tool that enables brokers and dispatchers to resolve open questions and unsettled issues with any shipment for more efficient operations.
Most transportation management software allows users to flag shipments or loads so they stand out on a dispatch screen until outstanding issues are resolved—the shipment is missing a street pick-up address or a third party needs to be notified prior to delivery, for example.
Event Manager does that, too, with flagged shipments appearing in hot pink on operational screens. But then Event Manager takes things to a more proactive level. When a flag is created for a shipment in Aljex using Event Manager, the reason for the flag is entered along with contact information, and  email addresses are pulled in automatically or added for everyone involved. That can be the dispatcher, shipper, consignee, driver, agent representative—or almost anyone.
When the event is saved, all those people are sent an email notifying them of the issue. As a result, everyone knows the issue exists. Not only that, but until the event is cleared by an authorized user in Aljex, any time that shipment is accessed within the system, the event screen pops up—it’s the first thing anyone sees. Update the content of the event, and notifications are sent to all users that are part of the event.
“The active communication of Event Manager puts everyone involved in a load or shipment issue on the same page,” said Tom Heine, Aljex chief executive officer. “They are all aware of a problem or special requirement, what question needs to be answered, what preparation needs to be made. It’s the kind of upgrade that we make in response to customer requests and ideas, and since Aljex is hosted on the Internet, Event Manager can be provided for any Aljex customer who wants to take advantage of it.”
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