Cooling Concepts provides ibright telematics system on reefer trailers

St Louis MO-based Cooling Concepts LLC, a provider of refrigerated trailer leasing, is helping customers stay ahead of federal regulations by supplying technology and safety connection systems for its foodservice trailers.
For example, Cooling Concepts has been offering International Telematics (IT) ibright, a monitoring system that complies with proposed rules in the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act. The ibright system’s real-time information improves food safety by ensuring that refrigerated products are delivered on time and within temperature tolerances. The tracking system also provides detailed driver behavior reporting and alerts that can be used to train driver safety and increase fuel savings, while taking the guesswork out of recordkeeping.
Furthermore, ibright fully complies with California Air Resources Board (CARB) automated recordkeeping requirements for electric standby-equipped transport refrigeration units.
“The return on investment realized by Cooling Concepts, LLC using the ibright system is significant,” said Tim Shasserre, president of Cooling Concepts. “Our goal is to provide customers with proactive and profitable solutions. Customizing our trailers with modern technology helps our customers run their operations more efficiently from the outset.”
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