FMI endorses use of ReposiTrak to provide food safety traceability

ReposiTrak, a food and drug safety system backed by Park City Group and international food safety and health consultant Leavitt Partners, announced a joint agreement in which the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) will exclusively endorse and encourage the use of ReposiTrak among its food retail and wholesale members.
Under the agreement, ReposiTrak will be the exclusive system provider endorsed by FMI in connection with the food and drug safety traceability of goods and related services, including document management. FMI will introduce ReposiTrak to its members, which operate nearly 40,000 stores and 25,000 pharmacies.
“Food safety is the number-one priority for our members,” said Dr Hilary Thesmar, FMI vice-president for food safety programs. “At FMI, we are working to help our members protect their customers and employees, meet all federal and state regulatory mandates, safeguard their brands, and reduce financial risk. Traceability is increasingly important to everyone in the food industry—and retail is no exception.
“ReposiTrak is appealing because it is interoperable and can work with any system retailers have in place now for tracing products and can ‘talk’ with other software systems,” said Thesmar. “ReposiTrak augments our existing food and drug safety efforts, such as Rapid Recall Exchange and SQFI (Safe Quality Foods Institute), with a proven, comprehensive, and easy-to-implement solution that doesn’t require systems changes and is extremely cost-effective.”
Powered by Park City Group’s technology, ReposiTrak enables grocery warehouses, supermarkets, packaged goods manufacturers, food processing facilities, growers, drug stores and drug manufacturers, and logistics partners to track and trace products and components throughout the global food, drug, and dietary supplement supply chains.
The technology solves the information exchange challenge and is completely interoperable with other systems without hardware purchase or software installation. ReposiTrak also reduces risk in the supply chain by receiving, storing, maintaining, sharing, and providing compliance reporting and proactive expiration alerting of audit, inspection, and regulatory documentation required between supplier and customer.
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