LoJack SCI launches disposable system for supply chain protection, visibility

SC-integrity Inc (LoJack SCI) announces a new supply chain tracking system, the SC iOn Traxx.
This system is intended to provide visibility and temperature sensing for protection of cargo and assets in transit.  When combined with the SC iOn Command Center, LoJack SCI’s newest web-based tracking and visibility portal, the company expects to improve the process of ensuring that business rules and regulatory compliance protocols are followed through supply chain movements. Through use of reliable disposable units, SC iOn Traxx will eliminate the burden of deployment and management costs typically associated with the reverse logistics of tracking devices.
The SC iOn Traxx was developed in concert with LoJack SCI’s strategic partner, Locus Traxx Worldwide, which has thousands of its “SmartTraxx Go” products protecting produce, food, and perishable products worldwide.
“We have taken advantage of what Locus Traxx has done in producing a highly unique product in high volumes for their market and adapted it to meet the protocols-based services for protecting the overall supply chain market,” said Ted Wlazlowski, chief executive officer of LoJack SCI.
The company has a simple program for the SCI iOn Traxx. For a single fee per shipment, LoJack SCI customers will purchase and deploy the Traxx, following user-friendly instructions. LoJack SCI will monitor the shipment according to customer protocols. The necessity for a device retrieval process has been eliminated, as the Traxx can either be disposed of—or returned for a reward—once the device reaches its destination.
“This uncomplicated approach is the means to relieve much of the burden the industry deals with in protecting shipments,” said Wlazlowski.
Access www.lojacksci.com for more information.

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