Pegasus TransTech upgrades TRANSFLO scanning systems

Pegasus TransTech has released new versions of its scanning systems that will improve image quality and software performance. Enhancements have been made to TRANSFLO Express truckstop scanning service, TRANSFLO Now! anywhere in-cab scanning, and TRANSFLO Express Carrier Retrieval.
Among many improvements, TRANSFLO Express 3.5 offers a new bar-code scanning engine that will provide more accurate readings.
TRANSFLO Express scan station software automatically reads bar codes on any scanned document. But if a critical bar code cannot be read, the cashier may have to enter information manually. The new scan engine makes that much less likely as TRANSFLO Express scan station 3.5 is better able to read bar codes that are not necessarily printed originals. Carriers, drivers, and truckstops benefit from the resulting reduction in manual operations.
The TRANSFLO Express 3.5 update installs in the background during normal scanning and transmitting operations. There is no service downtime and no action is required on the part of truckstop personnel.
Pegasus TransTech has certified TRANSFLO Express Carrier Retrieval 3.5 for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. This assures users that the software meets Microsoft standards for performance and security on those popular platforms.
The company announced an upgrade for TRANSFLO Now! anywhere, anytime in-cab scanning for computers. Enhancements include a Windows 8 certification, some technical improvements, increased performance, and a greater choice of scanners compatible with the application.
TRANSFLO Now! can be used by drivers on desktops as well as laptops or netbooks, and in offices and homes as well as in truck cabs. The upgrade is free, and users will be prompted to download necessary files.
For more information, go to or call 800-783-8649.

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