Rand McNally devices integrate with Carrier Logistics Inc’s system

Rand McNally’s TND 760 and TPC mobile fleet management devices now integrate with Carrier Logistics Inc’s  FACTS freight management system, an integrated billing, accounting, and operations package.
Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management system was recommended by one of CLI’s customers. After an evaluation period, Rand McNally was chosen for integration due to its on-shore technicians, robust and easy-to-use integration kit, and its approach to providing a return on investment.
“The transportation community does a good job of focusing on and resolving pressure points for customers. The right technology tools can uncover financial opportunity, driving profitability by solving business problems the customers don’t notice,” said Ben Wiesen, vice-president of products and services for CLI. “The combination of Rand McNally and CLI enables better service to customers while providing the data and insight necessary to take advantage of the great opportunities that exist.”
The FACTS system has a proven track record for increasing return on investment. Customers including LTL, TL, and multi-stop carriers, experience reductions in staffing resources allocated to billing and IT, improved cash flow due to accurate and rapid processing of bills and increased driver productivity with better routing. Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management line of products will provide data for the FACTS system. This will allow for enhancements to CLI’s service such as last-mile visibility, real-time status along the delivery chain, improved safety, and cost savings via monitoring of driver and vehicle performance.
Access www.randmcnally.com/tnd760 or call 1-800-789-6277 or for more information.

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