RedLine Transporter data integration tool aims to eliminate “data silos”

RedLine Solutions, the provider of produce traceability and inventory solutions, is offering RedLine Transporter, a data integration tool intended to eliminate the “data silos” common in many produce industry applications.
Todd Baggett, chief executive officer of RedLine Solutions, said, “RedLine Transporter solves a common customer complaint: data from the assorted applications used is consistently stuck in a data silo. The data gathered isn’t easily shared from one application to the next, and more important, isn’t easily transported from supplier to vendor.”
RedLine Transporter eliminates data silos by allowing movement of data between applications, with minimal interaction from users or administrators. Taking a “set it and forget it” approach, it simply does its job of moving data.
“We’re particularly pleased that Transporter is available today for our customers who sell to Whole Foods,” Baggett said. “Transporter, in concert with our application PTI Lite, can manage our customers’ product updates to Whole Foods, as well as deliver ASN notifications of shipments, in accordance with the requirements from Whole Foods traceability program that vendors be compliant by September 1, 2014.”
RedLine Transporter allows for easy import, export, or transport of data to internal or external supply chain applications. It can be run manually or on a specific schedule, saving workers time and closing the gap between data silos. Transporter saves grower-shippers the task of manually entering information on a supplier portal, or formatting data to be sent to a third-party EDI service for managing their shipment information. Transporter now supports PTI Lite and will be integrated with the firm’s other inventory and traceability software in the near future.
PTI Lite is Redline Solutions’ user-friendly labeling and traceability system. The company provides  everything needed for complete PTI compliance—software, printers, labels, and reporting—sized to fit any organization so customers can start meeting traceability requirements on the day of installation.
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