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Stay Metrics releases driver survey platform Stay Ahead

Stay Metrics, a provider of driver retention tools for motor carriers, recently released Stay Ahead, a new platform for the company’s suite of driver survey products, which includes onboarding surveys, fleetwide ongoing/annual surveys, and exit/departure surveys.

Joining these surveys is a powerful new feature that lets carriers make the most of their data, according to Stay Metrics.

“The Stay Ahead tool helps carriers stay ahead of turnover, stay ahead of driver satisfaction and stay ahead of growing their fleets,” said Mary Malone, vice president of business development at Stay Metrics.

“It’s solidly focused on the future and making that future as successful for carriers as possible.”

As the centerpiece of the new platform, Stay Metrics is introducing a tool for reducing early-stage driver turnover (drivers who leave within the first year with a carrier). The Intervention Opportunities feature makes Stay Metrics’ onboarding surveys more effective by pointing out exactly which drivers need attention to stay during their first year, the company claimed.

Stay Metrics Stay Ahead landing page

This feature comes with a redesign and upgrade to Stay Metrics’ Self-Service Reportal for clients to see their data and analytics. It provides on-demand access to a range of reports, providing full transparency and “powerful” options for tracking drivers’ satisfaction and retention.

The Stay Ahead portal works with onboarding surveys to alert carriers any time a driver appears at risk of leaving. The at-risk status of drivers is determined based on a Stay Metrics proprietary model that identifies at-risk drivers based on previous research, Stay Metrics maintained.

Carriers can also filter drivers based on their alerts and willingness to recommend the carrier.

An additional helpful component is the ability to export all drivers that have intervention opportunities on a spreadsheet. Stay Metrics recommends carriers check the system once per week and export this list as a checklist for that week’s driver calls.

“At a certain size of carrier, you can’t realistically call everyone each week,” said Tim Hindes, Stay Metrics’ co-founder and CEO. “That’s why this feature is so helpful. It helps teams prioritize their calling time to reach the drivers that need it most and provides suggested topics for those conversations. The combination of who to call and what to talk about makes this the most actionable tool on the market for driver engagement and satisfaction.”

Stay Metrics Stay Ahead surveys.jpg

The Stay Ahead tool also prioritizes any questions drivers have after their surveys. This communications tool lets carriers know what information drivers need now.

Industry professionals are invited to attend a free webinar demonstrating how the Stay Ahead platform works at 2 pm EDT Sept 18.

Carriers looking to start now also can schedule a conversation with the Stay Metrics team to learn how the platform works and how it is already benefiting current clients.

“I honestly believe this could be a revolution in how carriers onboard new drivers and keep them beyond the first year,” Hindes said.

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