TouchStar provides eLog HOS application

TouchStar Group LLC has announced its integrated eLog hours of service (HOS) add-on mobility software.
“This product offers unparalleled ease-of-use, real-time HOS status, GPS mapping, replication of eLogs in mass, and exceptional ROI (return on investment),” said Peter Gibbs, TouchStar chief executive officer.
The new application provides six advantages:
•Extreme ease of use for drivers and back-office staff
•System shows real-time status of HOS to help avoid Department of Transportation (DOT) violations
•GPS mapping either by driver or by fleet, with “bread-crumb” capability for verification of routes
•Ability to supply printed copies of eLogs in mass for DOT audits.
•Excellent ROI through elimination of hand-drawn logs, saving time for drivers and back-office log auditors
•A bundled suite that’s compatible with existing TouchStar mobility applications
With increasing safety regulations impacting fleet managers worldwide, the new TouchStar eLog App has answered the challenge with full compliance to FMCSA 395.15 and 395.16 regulations. This product leverages an easy-to-use in-vehicle and browser-based web interface. The mobile interface automatically records driving status, calculates available driving time, and notifies the driver of his compliance status. Recorded data is stored for up to eight days and is readily available for roadside inspection. Meanwhile, the web interface allows authorized users to review, edit, and print driver logs. It also documents real-time driver availability, driver time, mileage summaries, and violations.
The mobile application offers a “Preview Availability” screen that permits drivers to check their current availability before changing their status to “On-Duty.” This feature provides the opportunity to cancel and wait on a complete reset of available driving hours. This easily accessible information can help avoid DOT hours-of-service violations.
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