WAM, Xirgo partner to develop technology for global tracking

WAM Technologies LLC, provider of wireless M2M systems for remote management of cold chain, container, and other transportation assets; and Xirgo Technologies Inc have formalized their existing working relationship with the announcement of an exclusive partnership.
Over the past three years, WAM and Xirgo have worked together to develop innovative technology for global tracking of transport assets. This includes the design and supply of hundreds of thousands of M2M devices for remote monitoring and control of refrigerated shipping containers. Collaboration between the two companies has so far yielded the first transport telematics device integrating GPS, GSM, and Zigbee technologies, for a major container shipping line, and a new system designed specifically to track generator sets (gen-sets) used to power refrigerated containers.
The two companies are also working together to provide a low-cost solution for tracking dry containers, leveraging energy harvesting and Xirgo’s proprietary Adaptive Power Management Algorithm (APMA) for maximizing battery life.
Xirgo will now be the sole developer and provider of M2M hardware used in WAM’s M2Connect suite of cloud-based transport asset management solutions. The M2Connect platform enables real-time location, monitoring, and control for refrigerated and dry containers, gen-sets, chassis, trailers, and other transportation assets moving across global shipping, ports, and intermodal networks.
Access www.wamcentral.net or www.xirgotech.com for complete information.

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