Great Dane introduces reefer for truckload

COMBINING many of the features of its Classic and Super Seal refrigerated Trailers, Great Dane introduced its new Super LT at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville KY. The trailer is intended to help truckload carriers in the Eastern US and Canada reduce operating costs. Great Dane will manufacture the trailers at its plants in Brazil IN and Savannah GA to help reduce freight costs in delivering the Super LT to purchasers.

Although intended primarily for sale in the eastern half of the country, the Super LT will be sold by all Great Dane dealer and branch locations. Orders for more than 1,000 of the new trailers have already been received.

The 48- or 53-ft Super LT includes most of the options popular with truckload carriers as standard equipment. For instance, Great Dane's new PunctureGuard Plus lining material is standard. At floor level, the lining is protected by a 10-in extruded aluminum scuffband; options include 16- or 22-in scuffbands. Trailers are built with Great Dane Model 60 landing gear with a lift capacity of 60,000 lb. The support leg mounts spread the load from the landing gear across five crossmembers.

To save weight, the refrigeration unit bolts to deep extruded aluminum J-channels instead of the steel frames traditionally used with refrigerated trailers. For more floor durability, crossmembers in the bay area between the support legs and the running gear are five-inch deep aluminum I-beams, one inch deeper than used in previous trailers. Four-inch steel I-beams are used above the support legs and running gear. All crossmembers are spaced on 12-in centers.

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