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Hino Trucks announces pricing for SCR technology

As previously announced, Hino Trucks has elected to use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet the 2010 emissions regulations. Hino will implement an emissions surcharge of $6,700 per vehicle.

The infrastructure to efficiently distribute Diesel Exhaust Fluid in the United States is rapidly being established. DEF will be available through all 176 Hino dealers. In addition, a coalition of industries—including truck manufacturers, truck stops, retail fueling stations, fuel distributors, and DEF producers—will have established bulk DEF filling stations across North America.

Hino created a new web microsite,, that is dedicated to explaining how the firm has developed technology to meet or exceed the 2010 guidelines and what that means to Hino owners. A page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about SCR and DEF.

The firm also has scheduled a series of 2011 model year launch events for its dealers beginning the first week in December 2009. During these launch events, the national dealer network will test-drive and learn about Hino’s new 2011 product strategy and technologies.

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