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Karmic Ice Cream truck Karmic
Karmic Ice Cream's 1935 Ford hot rod ice cream truck recently made its debut in South Florida

Karmic delivering nostalgia with 1935 Ford ice cream truck

Florida’s Karmic Ice Cream, which rents out ice cream trucks for parties and events in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County, recently unveiled a “new” 1935 Ford hot rod ice cream truck.

The converted classic Model 50 pickup with 345 horsepower is the latest addition to Coral Springs FL-based Karmic’s fleet of vintage ice cream delivery vehicles. It’s an attention-grabbing centerpiece for any celebration, from company picnics to block parties, sports tournaments and anywhere friends gather from Miami to Boynton Beach, the company said.

“Hiring one or more of our ice cream pushcarts and trucks ensures every guest will not only enjoy a tasty ice cream dessert,” said Deborah Popkin, Karmic Ice Cream’s owner. “They also can create new memories while reliving a bit of their childhood—or the childhood they wish they had.”

Karmic rents a fleet of ice cream trucks, pushcarts and even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with freezer sidecar. The 1935 Ford tops 100 mph but draws more crowds when it’s standing still, the company said, dispensing goodies from Good Humor, Ben & Jerry’s, Popsicle, Klondike and more.

Karmic Ice Cream truck

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With war on the horizon and the Great Depression gripping the country, Americans in the 1930s took solace in simple, wholesome pleasures, including the final days of Babe Ruth’s career, Benny Goodman swinging on the Hit Parade and the first Technicolor Mickey Mouse short on the big screen.

And, of course, the cold comfort only ice cream can provide.

With the unveiling of its 1935 Ford hot rod ice cream truck, Karmic transports South Florida residents back to those bittersweet days—with an emphasis on the “sweet.”

Whether customers crave a Choco Taco, Push-up, Strawberry Shortcake or the traditional ice cream sandwich, an ice cream truck rental from Karmic—South Florida’s “Purveyors of Happiness”—is sure to be the life of the party.

Karmic’s goal is to recreate “the nostalgic days the ringing of a bell sent children and adults alike running, the chants of ‘Ice Cream Man!’ filling the air.”

The company’s vehicles, including a “Happiness Ambassador” to serve the treats, rent for $350 for the first hour and $95 for each additional hour, plus $3 per ice cream bar. Visit for more information.

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