Kenworth trucks benefit Reser's Fine Foods

Kenworth trucks benefit Reser's Fine Foods

When Reser’s Fine Foods unveiled a new look with its packaging and marketing in 2009, part of that change was the addition to its delivery fleet of 35 new viper-red Kenworth medium-duty trucks complete with new graphic wraps on the van bodies.

“These new Kenworth trucks represent a significant investment, and we’ve been ecstatic over their performance,” said Dennis Fullan, corporate fleet manager for Reser’s at its corporate headquarters in Beaverton OR.

Reser’s, a manufacturer and distributor of refrigerated food products, operates a fleet that includes 55 Kenworth medium-duty trucks. Among its new Kenworth trucks are 30 T270s and five T370s. The Kenworth trucks, stationed at Reser’s manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the United States, deliver tortillas, potato salad, fresh vegetable salads, and other foods to grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants.

The Class 6 Kenworth T270s are equipped with 200-hp Paccar PX-6 engines offering 520 ft-lbs of torque powered through five-speed automatic transmissions. The larger Class 7 Kenworth T370s are equipped with 285-hp Paccar PX-8 engines providing 800 ft-lbs of torque powered through five-speed automatic transmissions.

“Getting these trucks has done a lot to promote driver morale,” Fullan said. “It’s really shown them that we’re committed to the business and to helping them do their jobs more efficiently.”

Pat Stamey, a Reser’s driver for six years, agrees. “Having this nice Kenworth truck to drive changes your attitude and makes you feel valued as an employee,” he said. “That attitude then gets reflected in the work you do. The Kenworth T270 is the fourth truck I’ve driven for Reser’s, and it’s far and away better than anything else I’ve ever driven.”

Stamey especially appreciates how solid the chassis feels on the road. “The body seems much stiffer and has a lot less sway when I’m turning corners,” he said. “I also like the Kenworth T270’s instrument panel with easy-to-read gauges.”

Pape Kenworth, which sold the 35 new Kenworth trucks to Reser’s, and the Kenworth dealer network have done a great job of keeping Reser’s new trucks running with outstanding after-the-sale support, according to Fullan.

“In fact, here’s the best part: We bought so many Kenworth trucks that we placed them in all of our operating areas, from Little Rock AR to St Paul MN to Salt Lake City. And because we’ve had excellent cooperation out of all the dealers in those areas, we decided to have them handle all the maintenance on those trucks,” he said.

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