Ryder warranty helps customers “Keep It Cool”

Ryder System Inc (NYSE: R), a provider of commercial fleet management and supply chain management systems, has announced the launch of its new “Keep It Cool” promotion in the United States and Canada.
The promotion is available through September 1, 2014 and offers a free 12-month warranty, underwritten by Premium 2000+, on qualified used refrigerated trucks. The new Ryder warranty offering covers both the truck engine and refrigeration unit.
“We designed this special warranty to give buyers added peace of mind when making a decision to purchase a used refrigerated vehicle,” said Eugene Tangney, Ryder vice-president of asset management and vehicle sales.
With Ryder as a partner, businesses can tap into the firm’s industry expertise, national network of maintenance facilities with expert refrigeration technicians, and warehousing space, along with new tracking technologies and safety processes.
Ryder’s used-vehicle inventory includes commercial and heavy-duty vehicles including tractors, trailers, straight trucks, panel and cube vans, refrigerated trucks, and stake trucks. Each vehicle is Ryder Road Ready-certified and comes with a 30-day warranty and complete vehicle maintenance history. Ryder sels more than 17,000 vehicles a year from more than 59 used-vehicle sales centers across North America, including seven in Canada.
For more information go to www.usedtrucks.ryder.com or call 1-800-USED-TRK. Additional coverage details for this promotion are included in the warranty agreement.
For more information, access www.ryder.com.

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