Volvo FH12 sports an array of enhancements

Volvo Truck Corp presents the third generation of its FH12 model with new 500-bhp engine, automatic Volvo I-Shift gear-changing system, and improved engine range, transmission, cab, chassis, and electronics systems.

The engine was developed from the 460-bhp D12 engine. Volvo's FH12 engine series runs from 380 to 500 bhp and complies with the Euro 3 emission standard while retaining fuel economy.

I-Shift, the new automatic gear-changing system, improves comfort and safety levels, reduces fuel consumption, and lowers weight. It changes gear swiftly and smoothly in response to actual conditions on the road.

Volvo's Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) helps the driver to retain full control of the vehicle in conditions such as unfavorable road surfaces, any tendency toward excessive roll, or after sharp braking. Another safety innovation is the front underrun protection system (FUPS), which is now standard and integrated in the cab design. In case of frontal collision with a car, FUPS is designed to prevent the car from going underneath the front of the truck.

The FH Series cab provides a work environment for the driver, whether driving or parked. Options now include a choice of one or two beds, or an office/dinette. More practical storage compartments have been created above the bed and desk/table. At the wheel, the driver has a new instrument panel with central driver display unit. The steering wheel has integrated controls, and telephone controls are built into it.

For complete details, contact Volvo, 7900 National Service Rd, PO Box 26115, Greensboro NC 27402-6115.

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